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Do you find politics uninteresting? Who could blame you? Almost every decision made for political reasons raises our taxes and reduces our choices. We often feel totally helpless about the choices that politicians impose on us and frustrated when we discover that they are denying us the freedom to make choices for ourselves.

Our power to make many important personal choices has been taken away from us and assumed by bureaucrats and politicians. Yet all of us are forced to bear the costs of supporting their decisions, even if many of us disagree with the decisions we’re forced to support.

Monetary inflation, government waste, a bloated bureaucracy, strikes, taxes, red tape, political correctness, censorship, prohibition, labour and business monopolies, huge government debts, and laws that favour some at the expense of others are just a few of the symptoms of a style of government that no longer respects the freedom of individuals to make choices for themselves.

Trading Your Freedom For Seats

If there is one thing we do not need, it’s politicians who are willing to win votes by further limiting our freedom of choice. Yet that is exactly what the Republicans and the Democrats have always done or proposed to do. They have big plans about your body, your family, your money, your job or business, your freedom of belief and expression and your future. And they each think that the purpose of elections is to give them considerable control over your life.


Equally unacceptable is the way in which those parties decide what to do with your life, your money and your freedom to choose. In truth, the policies of the Republicans and the Democrats are not guided or limited by a philosophy a “left wing” or “right wing” ideology, or a sense of right and wrong: that’s just window-dressing for them. Instead, those parties all simply look at the polls and do what they think will win them the most votes while continuing to serve the monied interests. To the Republicans and the Democrats discrimination and the loss of  and your personal freedom are small prices to pay for their seats in Congress. That’s not democracy: that’s majority rule at the expense of individual freedom.

…if we wish to preserve a free society, it is essential that we recognize that the desirability of a particular object is not sufficient justification for the use of coercion. – F.A. Hayek

Because the Republicans and the Democrats propose to do only what the polls say will get them votes, they all propose roughly the same things. This leaves the parties searching desperately for ways to distinguish themselves from one another.

And what do they always come up with? Arguably, little more than “We’re more trustworthy than them”, “We’re more competent than them”, or “They lack character”…which is all largely a bunch of nonsense, of course.

And so many people in the USA have seen little point in voting lately: they know they’ll get roughly the same, disappointing result if either of those parties gets into power. There has been no real political alternative to what we already have.

Well, that’s about to change.

All I ask is equal freedom. When it is denied, as it always is, I take it anyhow. – H.L. Mencken

Freedom Party: For You

Freedom Party stands proudly alone as the federal political party committed to respecting and protecting human dignity. Human beings are not nameless, faceless parts of a government-run machine. They are free spirits, pursuing AND happiness for themselves and their families. When a government ceases to tolerate and protect the personal opinions, preferences and peaceful activities of the individuals it governs, it denies them human dignity, freedom, and the prospect of happiness.

A society that does not recognize that each individual has values of his own which he is entitled to follow can have no respect for the dignity of the individual and cannot really know freedom. – F.A. Hayek

Freedom Party’s commitment to human dignity and freedom is reflected in the principle which guides the party’s policies: “Every individual, in the peaceful pursuit of personal fulfillment, has an absolute right to his or her own life, liberty, and property.”

Our Stand on the IssuesFreedom Party believes that the law must be used neither to deprive people of their property, nor to discriminate against them or discourage them from making peaceful personal decisions. The proper function of the law is quite the opposite: to protect all individuals and their property from physical harm, and to ensure that physical force or threats of physical force are not used to discourage any person from making any peaceful personal decision.

Freedom Party’s dedication to individual freedom and property is reflected in our stand on provincial issues, including:

fixing the quantity of currency in circulation and raising the bank currency reserve requirement to 100%, to reduce inflation, retire debt, prevent the redistribution of wealth from all Americans to banks, and allow every American’s standard of living to improve while they do their part to make the ecomony grow;

ending the disincentive to earn and moving toward a fee-for-service model of government revenue by replacing progressive rates of income taxation with a single rate for all Americans;

eliminating excessive wealth redistribution by imposing a cap on the amount of tax payable by any American, and allowing any person who pays the maximum income tax not to file an income tax return.

eliminating the taxation of capital gains;
…and more.

We invite you to browse through our web site and to learn more about this unusually modern, inclusive, forward-looking party. And, should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, welcome.